Monday, December 3, 2007

Nubian text

This is an old Nubian text I came across at the local museum (actually the former palace of Sultan Ali Dinar). It is almost certainly from somewhere closer to the Nile Valley, but it is interesting that they would have that in a local museum, marked "Sandstone with Greek Inscription" no less! When I can get a font for Nubian script, I will transcribe it and make my best guess at a translation...


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Perfect I wanted to get something like this because I-m trying to learn a bit a bout this language, next time I-m here I will write something in this language.

Anonymous said...

Not sure you're still working on this text but it's seems to be Coptic not Old Nubian.

from l. 8 : penhosiôtatos neiwt (...) auo pmonaxos (...) nsou djouwt npebot n paxôns pehoou nkuriakh (...) ntok pe pdespotè

"our very pious father (...) and the monk (...) the twentieth day of the mont Pakhons, sunday (...) you are the lord"